Milwaukee's Premiere
West Side Neighborhood

The Bluemound Heights neighborhood is a residential area situated on the west side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The tree-lined streets are dotted with mostly single-family homes owned by young couples starting their families as well as long-time residents, many who have lived in Bluemound Heights their entire life.

Located in Police District 3, neighbors work with district crime prevention officers to take a proactive approach to safety, as well as working with our elected representatives to maintain a high quality of life.

Metropolitan Tranquility

A neighborhood quite literally within minutes of the entertainment venues, cultural ammenities, educational resources, and business opportunities available in Milwaukee's downtown area, yet offers a quiet, almost small town, residential atmosphere. Daytime sounds of yard work and children at play yield to nights so quiet that nothing can be heard but the crickets. For these reasons and more, the neighbors of Bluemound Heights believe their neighborhood is the hidden gem of Milwaukee.


This Web site was developed to help foster increased involvment of neighborhood residents with the police and our elected officials by providing a centralized resource of information. By promoting communication among residents, business owners, elected officials, and law enforcement we ensure that our neighborhood remains a quiet, safe, desirable place to live.

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